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Thankful Thursday_X was difficult because there aren’t many words that start with x. Of course, I only needed one and I found it. If you missed it you can click on the calendar to the right to check out my Thankful Thursday post from July 17. Just select that date or go to my Archives section.


Thankful Thursday_W is hard because there are so many good W words. Words, for example, are among my favorite things.   So are waffles and waves and walking. I like windows too, until it is time to wash them.  Does it seem a little sneaky that I am slipping in all these wonderful w words?


I am thankful for water. Day or night, I have available to me clean pure refreshing water. Whether I am hopping in the shower or getting something to drink at any given moment I can walk to a faucet or spigot, turn it on and out comes the water.

Photo by DodgertonSkillhause

Photo by DodgertonSkillhause


I didn’t have to walk for miles or carry it on my head.

Do you ever stop to think how fortunate you are if you have this available?

Not everyone is so blessed.


I love to swim so water comes in handy for this as well.


Right here and now I will tell you that I am a swimming pool kind of woman. Yes, I enjoy going to the beach and putting my toes in the sand. I will even go into the ocean and float around. For a good swim my choice is a nice clean see the bottom critter free pool every time though.


One final reason I am very very grateful for water is because it is a main ingredient in coffee.

I love coffee.


I wonder if that will be my c word in 20 weeks.

Nope, I already have one for that.


What are you thankful for on Thankful Thursday?



  1. jpratch says:

    Wow, on 17 July, we had returned from being bedside when my 94 years old Dad departed this life. I was grateful for “WE” since holding the door for Dad to depart through would have been real hard without your good friend (WOMD) near at hand.
    I’m grateful for being there and speaking all the words to Dad that I wanted to say and having the privilege of reading the 23rd Psalm to him just minutes before that last breath.
    We are indeed mortal, there is much to be thankful for.

    • Cindi says:

      I know these last few months have been emotion filled with much loss. So grateful you and my dear sweet friend have each other to lean upon and draw strength of the Lord! You were an awesome son to your father despite the miles which separated for so long.

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