The Altitude Here Is Different

photo (3)For the next two weeks I will be living at an altitude of 6000 feet above sea level.

I live in an area barely six feet above sea level.

The scientific explanation of how all this affects one is beyond me.  All I know is that it sure makes a difference.

The bakers among us know that recipes must be altered. Boxed cake and muffin mixes come with directions for high altitude.

Exercising in a higher altitude also requires adjustment. I’ve noticed that if I slow my pace, drink a lot of water and lower my expectations I can have an enjoyable walk.

Since I am walking in a mountainous area as opposed to my usual flat as a pancake terrain different muscles are being called into action.

Walking downhill is much more fun than walking uphill. In many, but not all, ways it is easier. I don’t exert nearly the energy walking downhill but it does require that I pay attention so as not to tumble down the road gaining speed and momentum like a runaway snowball.

Walking downhill makes it necessary for me to walk deliberately.

The older I get (and believe me it seems to be happening quicker than I thought possible) the more I realize adjustments need to be made on a regular basis.

Tomorrow’s post will contain some life lessons I’m learning from all of this.

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