The Hunt_Thankful Thursday

Last year I wrote about the annual Easter egg hunt that our church sponsors for the community.  Click here if you would like to learn a little more about it and why we do it.

Polka dot eggs

Polka dot eggs

MOMD and I helped again this year and it was every bit as fun.

Bikes were given away again. Popcorn, face painting and egg hunts are staples of the event.

I’m thankful for the happiness and awe on the children’s faces as they watched Spaghetti the Clown pull multiple rubber balls out of his mouth.

Something like this cannot happen without a sizable volunteer group. People of all ages help before, during and after. Bill and Sharon are in charge of popcorn making and distribution. Smiles are given as freely as the bags of popped kernels.

Mel and Pat head up the “clean up” crew. Uncomplaining and happy to serve they sign up every year for the job most people wouldn’t want and they do a fine job at it.

The pastors who during the previous week been involved in consoling the grieving, preparing and delivering sermons, making hospital visits are now found to be setting up tables, greeting guests and facilitating the egg hunts.

Helpers too numerous to name are the reason we can invite the children from every public school elementary school in our county to attend this fun afternoon outing.

I’m grateful for the chance to be a part of something so fun.

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