The Sum Total

To say that our Christmas decorating this year was understated would be the understatement of the year. In years past boxes were dragged from the crawl space and food was withheld from the hooligans on Thanksgiving until most rooms sported some festive touch.

This year was different. I told MOMD that this year I was scaling it back. No one was more surprised than me that I actually meant it! Because we didn’t want to be the Scrooge family on our street MOMD climbed the ladder on his newly replaced hip and strung some lights. We made a decision to forego putting up a tree.

Mid December I thought of the hours I spend in my seemingly ordinary office. Christmas music was blaring and not a decorative touch in sight. Off I went to Hobby Lobby where stuff was already 50% off and bought a tree, some lights, bulbs and a tree skirt. I gathered a gift box or two, wrapped a wine cork (where did THAT come from?) and place them under my fully decorated 1 foot tall tree.


May I just say that Christmas un-decorating has never been so easy or quick?

MOMD packed it all away in less than 30 minutes-including taking down the outside lights, boxing them up and placing my fully decorated 1 foot tree in the bag you see below.

What you see is the sum total of the Christmas decorating for 2016.

Next year will be different but it was a good choice for this year.


    • Cindi says:

      What a great idea! Does your friend put all of them up at the same time?

      You are one of my heroes for a number of reasons!

  1. Theresa says:

    I did something very similar. Not spending an entire day in decorating, and another on putting it all away, leaves me more time for the people in my life.

  2. Mary Kalamas says:

    My decorating consisted of a tree about and inch taller than yours with an angel on top and a manger below it, a red Christmas boot lined with candy canes and a brass stand up holder with a shiny picture of gifts, all which had meaning of Jesus who was the greatest gift of all. I was unable to light the tree as the only space I had available to place the tree had all the plugs it could manage. At least we could enjoy the few decorations we did put up and for this year it was enough.

    • Cindi says:

      My office tree didn’t have an angel. You’ve had a lot to deal with so even getting a 13 inch tree up is impressive.

  3. Deborah Eversole says:

    I did this last year. But put a tree up this year and dining room table decor only for son and grandkids that came over for dinner.

    • Cindi says:

      Isn’t it interesting how each year is different, Deb?
      I know you and your family have had stuff the last few years and yet you have persevered!

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