The Waves Of The Sea


As I write this I am thinking about those of you whom I know personally. I took this photo recently and as I have looked at it I realize it can represent many things.

Some are very very sad right now. You have lost someone very dear. Your heart aches. Maybe this picture will remind you that there is light. It may seem far away but it is there.

Others are very happy at this moment. There are waves rolling in but they are gentle, constant, rhythmic. You have felt the turbulence of rougher waters but for now you are content.

Still others are unsure of what the future holds. A decision has been made and there is a little bit of fear mixed with excitement. You don’t know the temperature of the water, nor can you discern the depth of the water as you wade in but you know it will be exciting and scary at the same time. You’re ready for that challenge.

And others, are just grateful to have this moment, this time of life. You’re enjoying the stroll.


If nothing else, please remember there is One Who created and controls the waves of the sea, the birds of the air and you are NEVER alone. You know that but maybe you needed the reminder.

With gratefulness for you!


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