The Young and the Not So Young

I’m sitting in a hotel room in another country (Canada) as I write this. This experience in itself will be the topic of upcoming blogs.

My job has brought me to this faraway land. I’m enjoying the sights, the people and definitely the food.

This week I’m working a product table at a convention with over 5,000 attendees.

Tonight as various people stopped by our booth it occurred to me that professions of all sorts benefit from the young and the not so young. Those coming into a field bring enthusiasm, new methods and often a lack of cynicism.

The people that have been around a while offer experience, tried and true methods and the opportunity to mentor those who are just starting out.

I loved hearing one woman speak so enthusiastically about her internship, the challenges she is facing and the difference between learning about how to do something and actually putting it into practice. She went on to speak about her mentors in the field and the practical ways they have assisted her.

I can imagine that the mentors of this woman are reminded why they entered the field in the first place. Perhaps when they talk with her they see a bit of themselves in her and it sparks something deep within.

It is my humble opinion that we ALL have something to offer! Would you agree or disagree?

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  1. Dina says:

    Hello, Cindi!

    Hope you made it back to the Sunshine State okay. Enjoyed our Canadian Bus Tour and eating their version of bagels. LOL It was great meeting you and hubby, and regardless of age have made some terrific peeps going to these ACA Conferences. Did hubby end up buying a yukalalee?

    Hope to see you soon!:)

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