Thousands Of Our Closest Friends

Bike giveaway

Bike giveaway

The churches is in our town do a lot of stuff in and for the community besides praying and meeting on Sunday mornings.

Yesterday our church hosted the annual Easter Egg hunt in the park. THOUSANDS of people attended this.

How do I know?

Because I worked at the registration table and believe me when I say THOUSANDS of people attended.

This use to be a county sponsored event but apparently the church helped so much that we eventually inherited the entire thing.

These types of events take many hard working volunteers.  Much planning goes into an event of this magnitude.

Tables, chairs and all supplies that were needed were shuttled to the park where they were assembled.  There was a first aid table, a prayer tent, and music was played the entire time.

There was free popcorn, cotton candy, face painting and bounce houses.  A minimal donation was requested to participate in one of four egg hunts.

Once the egg hunt was over the equipment had to be broken down and returned to the church.  We always try to leave the park cleaner than we find it so papers and gum wrappers and popcorn bags are picked up and thrown away.

Individuals within the church purchase brand new bikes to be given in free raffle drawings.

So why do we invite thousands of our closest friends to come to the park on a Sunday afternoon?

Why do people volunteer to help by donating time, resources and energy to such a thing?

I surely can’t speak for everyone that participates, only for MOMD and myself.

We do it because we want to help bring a sense of community to our town by offering something fun.  All are invited. Single moms can bring their children to a safe fun event.

Grandparents can do the same.

Families have an afternoon of nearly free entertainment.

We do it because we are able to do it.  And it’s fun.






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