To Grow Or Not To Grow

This post will let you in on three secrets of my new eating plan.

I am doing things differently these days. Stretching the boundaries of life (as well as my waistband).

Order a cheese and bacon slathered appetizer


photo (73)

A few fried potato chips, a little bit of cheese with some bacon bits make up this offering of deliciousness. I’m trying to cut back so I skipped the sour cream and ketchup.

Our son and future daughter-in-law took MOMD and me out for lunch recently to celebrate my birthday.

I had a bowl of soup for lunch. Oh, and maybe we all shared this heart attack on a plate appetizer.

 The hooligan and his fiance’ had been to this restaurant before and told us the food was good but the dessert was great.

If you can’t decide between two desserts go ahead and order both

When it came time to order dessert I couldn’t decide which cake sounded better. There were about 8 or 9 desserts available.  As I said previously, I’m trying to cut back so I only selected two. Two platter sized portions of cake. And by platter size I mean the size of a small island.

Since I had already eaten lunch I took most of the two pieces of cake home with me…and snacked on them for a few days…because, after all, it was my birth month. (Life is too short for a birthDAY).

Eat cake for breakfast

The day after we went out I sent my future d-i-l this text.

1st text


We had taken a selfie of the 4 of us at the restaurant that day.  My future d-i-l was in the foreground in the photo. Later I told her she looked like a princess in a parade and we were all her fans, following close behind.

Within moments of the Breakfast of Champion text I sent her the “princess picture” and we had the following texted conversation.

2nd text


That is the problem with the youth of America.  They are so darn smart these days.

They know how to take the fun out of stuff.

Oh well, perhaps I should cease and desist with the expansion program…after all, there is that brilliant Skinnier In A Year Photo idea I suggested. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.


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