Trash picking, Ties and Thanksgiving

People in our family like to repurpose…I cannot tell you the amount of items that have come into this seemingly ordinary home from a source other than a retailer.

This seemed to be a family favorite.

This seemed to be a hooligan favorite.

Have you ever noticed people throw out good stuff?

Yes? Well, unnamed members of this family have been bringing the good stuff home for decades.

Sometimes these “finds’ are marvelous additions to the lovely decor’ and other times the item ends up on our curb before the next trash day…(or an unsuspecting neighbor picks it up and takes it to his home).

An example of what NOT to do is explained here.

Recently a family member brought home a bag filled with neckties. This person has not worn a tie for a very long time, but no matter.

A day or two later he reconsidered his choice and was about to throw them out. I advised him that they could possibly be used in a craft project. I was with a friend who purchased ties at a thrift store to make an ugly Christmas sweater for her hubby…so I was inspired.

The collection of ties were hanging out (pun intended) on the lanai as there was a peculiar aroma emitting from them.  MOMD was gathering them up as the hooligans arrived for Thanksgiving. The guys went on the lanai to say hello to the male parental unit and before long there was much laughter.

Give A Man A Tie…

As you may have guessed, the ties were appropriated and modeled by said hooligans.

It's important to dress for dinner.

It’s important to dress for dinner.


And don't forget about dessert.

And don’t forget about dessert.


This one was sported by another hooligan but I forgot to snap a picture.


Maybe it will be modeled again in a few weeks.

WHO knows?

(Sorry! I couldn’t resist).

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just one reason I love holidays. I never know what to expect with this group. We know how to party!

Are you a repurposer?

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