Tuesday Is A Good Day To Be Thankful

Today, Tuesday, is a good day to be thankful.


Some of the things for which I’m thankful might seem silly to you. That’s ok. You take time to think of what you’re grateful for. Our lists don’t have to match. As a matter of fact, they shouldn’t.

It may seem foolish when I say this but here goes. Occasionally I hesitate to mention the things I’m grateful for because I know you might not be blessed in the same way.

For instance, your spouse may not be the Man or Woman of your dreams. You may not have a spouse. Your health may not be the best.

Maybe you think of yourself as friendless.

On the other hand you have different stuff for which to be grateful. Things that aren’t on my list.

If you’re reading this then you might want to be thankful for your eyesight and the fact that at some point in your life you had a teacher in your life.

My point in writing these thankful posts isn’t to sound self-righteous or arrogant. I am writing them, first and foremost, to remind myself of all the wonderful people and circumstances I have in my life. To take my eyes off the stuff I don’t have and wish I did.

I’m inviting you to join me because maybe you complain a lot when you should be grateful.  Perhaps you stress when relaxing would be better for you and those around you.  (I’m talking to myself here as well).

Time to climb down off my soapbox and head on back over to my computer.

Below is my list of things for which I am thankful today. Feel free to add your list in the comment section below.

Yesterday I was able to ride a bike. In November.  With one of my dearest friends.

I packed away my Christmadecorations so neatly last year.

All kinds of soup.

Thankfulness is a choice. I can be grateful despite things that break my heart.


Friendships that span decades and are not diminished by the miles between us.

The Christmas music playing in the background.

MOMD truly is the Man Of My Dreams (and my reality).

Flexibility, stamina and strength despite the fact that I am a woman of a certain age. Will someone please define a woman of a certain age?

In two days this home will be messier, noisier and filled with people.

My sister.

Velveeta. Enough said.

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  1. Claire says:

    Today I am thankful for my Hair stylist:-)

    I am thankful, for thankfulness it is a choice & when I make that choice, to be Thankful in all things, and give God Praise in all things, He gives me Peace, like no other..
    Thank you Jesus!

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