Two Camps

The comments that were posted in Don’t Wanna brought to mind even more about this whole idea of stuff collecting, hoarding, clutter.

I’ve noticed that there are two camps when it comes to collecting. Those who do and those who don’t. This may seem intuitively obvious on the surface. My point is that there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.

I had a friend who is quite the organizational guru.  The shock and awe I felt when she showed me one of her closets cannot adequately be expressed. She opened the closet door and there, standing sentinel, was a lonely upright vacuum cleaner. That’s it. Nothing on the shelves. Nothing else.

Just the vacuum.


How my heart ached for that unaccompanied dirt sucker!

I asked her why the closet was so empty. If my memory serves me correctly, and we know how that has gone recently, she responded that she just had more closet space than stuff.


How can that ever happen in a person’s life? (I offered to bring some of my stuff over but she did not indicate she would look favorably upon this plan.)

  • The more I pondered her dearth of possessions I thought of some habits that I knew were regular parts of her life…some of which she told me and others I learned of through my keen powers of observation (nosiness).
  • Tasks were done regularly and in small chunks.  For instance, I remember her telling me that she wiped down her cupboards before she put groceries away. That is when the shelves were the emptiest so why not give them a quick swipe?
  • She didn’t hoard books, magazines, or craft supplies. Things that were necessary to complete a project were selected at one time, if possible. Nothing extra thrown in the basket with that self-delusional word…someday. Projects (whether  home decor or crafts) were finished in an orderly fashion.                                                   Keyword: finished.
  • To rid herself of unwanted objects she frequently had garage sales or gave stuff away. She was generous. I was, on more than one occasion, the recipient of something she no longer used.

I don’t fit into the non-collecting club. Through the years I have improved greatly but I still tend to hang on to stuff longer than is necessary.

There are no closets in my home that contain a solitary item.

Over the next few weeks I will be chatting more about this. There will be more details of how the comments have inspired me. I went to two estate sales in one day recently and a whole bunch of thought are swirling around in my brain as a result. You’ll hear more about it if you come back.

I’m not sure why September seems to be a month for thinking about getting rid of stuff. Perhaps in anticipation of Christmas music and holiday decorating but, alas, that is another subject entirely.

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  1. Karen Boyes says:

    i thought you were going to say that her closet was filled to the brim with stuff (like mine is!😁). I’m definitely in the collector category. I love a neat house, but I think I love having a closet to tuck things away in even better!

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