Two Estate Sales

Two estate sales.

One sad feeling.

Occasionally I will stop at a garage sale if I happen to be driving by and spot something of interest. I’m also not opposed to dropping in at a consignment store once in a while.

Both of these feel much different than an estate sale. I don’t remember knowing what an estate sale was until I moved here.

Usually, at least around these parts, an estate sale is held to sell the contents of a home when the owner has died or moved to a facility and no longer needs his or her cookware, tools, and spices. Sometimes there are family photos, unfinished craft projects, cookbooks.

When I stop at an estate sale I often feel sad. I stopped at two last weekend. The first one was in a house I actually had been in two years ago when it was teeming with life. A lovely home filled with beautiful furnishings.  We were there for a potluck and so there was laughter, delicious aromas and the camaraderie of friendship. 

The woman of the home passed away and the widower has moved.  A few family members were conducting the estate sale. What a different feel in the house! It was the second day of the sale and much of the stuff was already gone.

The second estate sale was apparently for an elderly woman’s possessions. This home was filled with stuff that looked like it has been used well past it’s prime. The home looked worn and tired as well as strangers sauntered from room to room looking for a deal.

My inner dialogue, as I drove home, was that it is JUST STUFF.

We work hard to get it. Some of the stuff is useful and pretty and we are happy to have it. We use it to bless others. We share when we don’t need it any more and we know of someone who does.

Other stuff is a nuisance and we shove it in a closet and say we’ll deal with it another day. But then we don’t. I could have stayed glum for the entire day just thinking about it all.

Fortunately, I was able to move past it and it strengthened my resolve to load stuff up and move it out.

There is going to be a new project underway here in this seemingly ordinary house. I’ll be taking a lot of pictures, which will show the before and after so stop by for updates! If you’re in the midst of a project leave a comment or email a few pictures. I’d love to see them or hear about your project.

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