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Photo by Mary R. Vogt

Photo by Mary R. Vogt

Has this ever happened to you?

You make a statement or write a blog post or two about something and then BAM!  Along comes the test.  Do I really believe what I say?  Often as the words are leaving my mouth I am wondering how or when the challenge will arrive.  It is a frequent occurence in my life.

I do believe that gratefulness matters and that it is a choice.  I also believe that often the only way we will know if we are truly grateful is how we handle situations when they are less than ideal.

A few weeks back our microwave died.  In the middle of a batch of popcorn.  Oh, the agony!  Popcorn is serious business around our house.

Photo by mconnors.

Photo by mconnors.

MOMD (Man of My Dreams) is the official popcorn maker in the family.  He uses regular popcorn, not the bagged microwave type, but cooks it in the microwave.   Others outside of the family even request his popcorn. There might even be a secret topping involved so his reputation is on the line. Hopefully you are getting the picture that for the microwave to die MIDBATCH was a problem.  Out comes a pan and another batch is started on the stove but that wasn’t up to our high standards.  The next day we borrowed a small microwave from our future daughter in law and have been using that until we can replace our over the stove unit.

The last few days I have been reflecting on thankfulness and awake this morning to find out our washing machine is broken.


No life.

With a tank of water.


I stood there for a minute, jiggled the controls, unplugged it.

Agitated the agitator.


And the things I have been writing about and thinking about came to mind.  I asked myself if I was going to be humbly grateful or grumbly hateful.  I concluded, as you may have on occasion, that it is easier to be grateful when the washing machine and microwave aren’t broken.  But I also remembered that our sermon challenge was to live a life of expectation.  I began to wonder how this was all going to work out.

I jokingly posted this on Facebook 6 hours ago.

Anybody got an extra over the counter stainless mircrowave that works just laying around the house? Oh and a working washing machine? Dang, maybe we ought to invest in an appliance store.

Facebook status 3 hours later.

New used washer installed.
Purchased from a neighbor who is moving. Seems to be nicer than the one we had. And, oh yes, she happened to have a microwave laying around in her garage.
Humbly grateful.


Do my prayers always get answered this quickly?


Do I recieve every thing I ask for?


I will tell you this, though.  Today my own words were rattling in my head and I chose to be grateful and for THAT I am grateful.

Maybe our appliances will behave for a while.

How about you?  Would you care to share how you did on the grateful front today?

Thank you for reading!



  1. Amy Turon says:

    Some days are harder than others to maintain that attitude of gratefulness. Our son struggles with emotional issues. Today was one of those days where I got whiplash from his plunge off the cliff. But I am back….grateful that he is still here with us. Sometimes I have to hold on by my fingernails!

    • Cindi says:

      Some days it is just harder. I am so sorry for your son’s struggle and how hard it is for you as well! The grief as well as the gratefulness comes in waves. I hope knowing that you are cherished helps even a tiny bit.

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