Waiting for Irma

This will be brief.

There is a whole bunch of wind and rain expected in these parts.

I should be working before the potential loss of electricity and internet.

Things are a bit tense around the seemingly ordinary house. There is a difference of opinion on a number of things right now. I’m writing this to remind me to choose my words carefully, maintain my sense of humor and opt for kindness.

Storms bring stuff to the surface. We all deal with stress differently.

One of the hooligans works retail in a store that sells hardware supplies. She’s told me of ugly things that customers have said to other employees. People looking for wing nuts, propane, water, etc. are not happy to discover shelves are emptied of such things. It isn’t the employee’s fault.

If you are one of those customers please be kind to the exhausted retail employees who are just as afraid about the storm. While you are looking for supplies to make your home safe that employee is working.

Please offer a prayer for first responders, medical personnel AND THEIR FAMILIES. While they are doing their dangerous energy zapping jobs their families are home without them.

Thank you for prayers offered and all of you that have checked on us already!



  1. Claire says:

    May the good Lord, put a hedge of protection around all who are in the wake of Irma!! Seek His face and ride out the storm together, there is Peace in His Presence. 🙂 prayers being lifted..

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