Watery Day

Today was the day for an adventure-my maiden kayak voyage.

Pay no attention to the fact that I seem to be facing the shore line.  It was intentional.

Rumor had it that there was a snake peeking out and I was trying to get close enough to snap a picture.  Putting my life in harm’s way for the reader.

Nothing is too good for you.

I  am wondering when I’ll be getting that call from National Geographic.

IMG_3529I would have posted the 23 second video I inadvertently shot but it was mostly my legs and feet. I was hoping that I was snapping pictures but a few circumstances prevented stellar photography.

5 things

1. I left my glasses in the car so they wouldn’t fall in the water.

2. There was glare on my phone from the sun so I couldn’t quite see ALL the buttons on the screen.

3. I was trying to avoid dropping my phone into the water while balancing the paddle and snapping a picture.

4. The point was to snap a picture of the snake- not get close enough to invite him in my kayak for a ride.

5. As you can see from the picture below my guide (a hooligan) and friend weren’t too worried that I was lagging behind. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until I caught up with them that they remembered I was on this trip.  When I pointed this out there was laughter and then my FRIEND commented that she was sure this would somehow end up being in a blog somewhere.

You betcha!

One more point –notice I am no longer heading toward the shore.  I actually seem to be making progress.




Later in the day I met another friend for a walk.

We would have walked more but we felt sorry for these chairs, sitting here all alone.

Why didn’t someone paint the 4th chair a different color? Or move it to the other side of the red one.



Another view of the water. I liked the way the palm trees framed the boat and so I took this picture.




Beautiful friends.

Beautiful scenery.



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