Watt Do You Think?_Thankful Thursday

I am currently thankful for electricity.  Especially on Sundays. Most definitely for cooking on Sundays.

The hooligans were here for Sunday dinner (brunch, actually) when our electricity went out.  Thankful that most of the food was cooked we sat down to eat.

Only one crucial element was missing.


Eldest hooligan son had just arrived with some special “Amish” bacon – whatever the heck that is. Just as he was putting it in the pan-POOF- off went the electricity.  As one may expect jokes were made that the Amish didn’t want their bacon cooked using electricity. (It’s an easy crowd with predictable jokes).

Never fear, however.  Eldest hooligan said he would just take the bacon home and cook it later.

“Oh, no you don’t,” said the matriarchal person of the family.

The Labadies are a resourceful bunch. And most of us like our bacon.

“You shall use the grill on the lanai,” said the matriarchal person of the family.

As so he did.

After all, the only reason we even decided to have brunch instead of typical Sunday dinner fare was because of the bacon.

Pardon, I digress.  Back to the electricity on Sundays.

I contacted the power company only to find out that they were aware of the problem and it was being fixed.

And so it was.


The dishwasher was loaded and run.

There were, of course, no leftovers to put away.

Hooligans went home.

I cooked the tortellini and marinara sauce for the potluck we were attending in just a few hours. This was placed in the crock pot at the same time the very large truck arrived in front of our home.  The truck carrying the repair personnel from the power company.  This of course, required that the electricity be turned off so that it could be fixed.

To my knowledge neither the tortellini or the marina was manufactured in Amish country. Fortunately, the home where the potluck was being hosted had electricity.  I was thankful for that.

This is not my typical Thankful Thursday post but I truly am thankful for electricity.

Summer, it seems, has arrived early this year and the air conditioning unit needs electricity as well.  Food and AC- just two of the many reasons I am grateful for electricity.

There was much calorie consumption this past weekend.  I didn’t even mention what was consumed Saturday night.  Some things are better left unsaid.

And yes, there was a little pun in the title of this post. I knew you were bright enough to handle it.


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