Way, Way Back to Thirty_Thankful Thursday.


When you saw that headline your first inclination was was to think I was talking about the decades of years I’ve lived and that way way back to thirty was putting it mildly.

Since our eldest son celebrated his, ahem, 40th birthday a month ago, it may be safe to assume that 30 isn’t even a speck in the rear view mirror.


In this case, however, the title is referring to a group of posts I did a few years back when I was focused on ridding this seemingly ordinary house of clutter. For some reason, the accumulation of stuff happens more rapidly, easily and unintentionally than disposing of the stuff. This phenomenon applies to weight gain as well.

When I wrote Thinking About Thirty and this update a dear friend had been willing to share a few pictures from the progress she made as she joined me in this challenge. At the time, it was such an encouragement to me that she:

  1. consistently read my blog
  2. joined the challenge
  3. took pictures
  4. was willing to share her pictures

This week, more than two years later, I received a text and a picture from her and I am encouraged AGAIN.

Why? Because she:

  1. she still reads my blog
  2. is still making progress
  3. took pictures
  4. was willing to share her pictures

The wording in the text was kind and it was nice of her to include a photo. What meant more to me, though, was that she took the time out of her day-time when she could have done something else-to contact and encourage me.

What I would like to say to you, but mostly to myself, this Thankful Thursday is:

  • Never underestimate the power of encouragement in a person’s life.
  • No matter how silly or inconsequential it may seem, what we do and what we say matters.
  • Keep making progress!

Thank you for reading.


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