What’s Wrong With The Right?

Unless you have lived in a cave without access to human interaction or social media you know that we, as a nation, have spent the last year deeply divided about issues, race, political candidates, elections and many other things.

Perhaps you have been “unfriended” by people on Facebook. Maybe you have been the unfriender.  All sorts of ugly dumb hurtful things have been said and done in the name of free speech.

Well, I am here to tell you what’s wrong with the right.

Some of you may be standing up and cheering, giving high fives to every one within 20 feet. Others may be scratching your head, a look of utter confusion on your face.

I don’t usually discuss politics, nor do I post my opinions on social media for a variety of reasons-the least being that I don’t think anyone’s mind has ever been changed by someone’s social media rant or rave.

Having said that it is now time to declare what’s wrong with the right, once and for all.

However, I am not referring to to politics but rather the stuff that happened to the right side of my body last week.

One evening last week I was getting ready to go line dancing. I am a very punctual person. I try and leave a little bit of a margin to get places because I know stuff happens. Having said that, almost without fail, something happens nearly every week around the time it is time to leave for line dancing. Last week was no exception. I am right on schedule and then something totally bizarre happened. I unintentionally pierced myself.


It hurt. Badly. And what was worse is that I could not get the skin unstuck.  Since it was my right hand (and I’m right handed) I called for the assistance of MOMD. A variety of tools were used. Scissors, tweezers and finally a still unknown object that was finally the utensil that brought about success. Since MOMD had it behind his back and told me not to look I never did find out what it was. Of course the latest antiseptic techniques were used to ensure that all germs were eliminated.  Eventually the skin was released and it was discovered that my ring had actually cracked in half. How in the world does this crazy stuff happen?

Fast forward to the next day when I was walking in a parking lot. I began to trip. There was nothing to stop my forward momentum and I found myself being propelled directly toward a tree. Before the collision occurred I came to a jarring halt. Happily, I didn’t fall but I did manage to tweak my right ankle. I credit zumba, line dancing and bike riding with keeping my balance.

That evening as I was getting ready for bed I dropped a full bottle of lotion on my, you guessed it, right foot. No serious injury but again, the right side got a bum rap!

I hope you are not disappointed that this was not another political post.

Thank you for reading! It’s been a very long while since I have posted.

All is well but life continues to happen at an alarming pace.

Through it all I’m reminded to celebrate the moments.  Smile at a stranger. Pray for friends and family. Laugh at myself and try not to injure myself further.

Oh, and get to line dancing on time.











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  1. Diann says:

    Hope you are okay Sista I miss you tons. Probably won’t make it to Florida on our regular schedule possibly going to Disney for Mark’s 75 Birthday in December. All depends on how he heals and gets around by then. Prayers for you and your fam❤️

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