What’s Your Dream?

What is your dream for this upcoming year?

That question was posed to a gathering of women at a birthday party a few nights ago.

I was invited to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthday with a small group of other ladies, most of whom I did not know. Did I forget to mention the amount of delicious food that was consumed?

The Birthday Queen opened her gifts and cards. (She was, after all, wearing a hat and sash that declared she is royalty).

The Birthday Queen!

The Birthday Queen!

The friend who hosted the party asked Queenie to share a few words of wisdom.

Her words were simple and heartfelt.  She told us to live each day with thankfulness and to keep short accounts.  There was head nodding and murmers of agreement from the circle of women.

She has taken up painting the last few years and is proud of herself because it was something she has always wanted to learn.

Her words mirrored much of what I wrote in my very first post Painting A Poppy which I posted on July 1. It isn’t about doing something perfectly but about following your dreams and trying new things.  Enjoying the process is the important part.

Then she asked each of us to share something we have been wanting to tackle or relearn.

One woman is going to unpack the guitar she inherited from her dad and begin to practice again. Another woman said she is interested in auditioning for a local theater group.

A few of the women want to zip line. YIKES!

photo credit: John Biehler via photopin cc

photo credit: John Biehler via photopin cc

Many in the group want to travel. One woman said that one of her dreams is to live in different parts of the United State for a number of autumns.

Someone else is finally ready to visit the country in which she was raised.

I shared that I have always wanted to write and that I started this blog less than a month ago.

Each of the women sounded hopeful that they will set aside their fears and the things that have held them back to pursue something.  What a great evening!  A celebration fit for a queen.

What is your dream for this upcoming year?



  1. Amy Turon says:

    Ah, I love that birthday lady!! She definitely is a queen. A queen in my life, for sure.

    Perhaps not this year, but sometime in the future I would like to try my hand at quilting. It’s something I have desired to learn for a long time.

    Fondly remembering our years of “The Stitchin’ Hens”! Didn’t we have a grand time?!

    • Cindi says:

      Isn’t it true, Amy. She is a queen. You would be so great at quilting. Are you thinking of machine quilting? You are such an excellent seamstress.
      Yes the Stitchin Hens years were great. Those friendships are lasting a lifetime no matter the distance in miles. We do need a GNO in the fall.

  2. pm campbell says:

    my dream is to work on self control and to start meditating.i want to observe my reaction before i react. im hoping this will help me in dealing with my ten year old son. his dad has moved a couple hours away. i could not live with him peacefully. so now, my son has to be without his dad and he does not like it one bit and therefore,gives me a real hard time. i realize he is having a hard time yet i continue to lose my peace and things get wa out of control. so i am hoping i can be more aware of my reactions and his feelings.oh yes and i want to meditate,they say it rewires your brain.

    • Cindi says:

      Thank you for being so open. I think you hit on a key point: that you want to observe your reaction before you react. I believe that when we are intentional about the choices we make we can make better choices. I appreciate you sharing your dream!

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