When Family (or Friends) Come To Stay_Thankful Thursday

Welcome matSince we moved to this part of the country thirty years ago we have enjoyed visits from family and friends back home. Some visits have been peaceful, others filled with hilarity and a bit of mayhem thrown in for good measure.

Decades ago when some of the hooligans were young, and some not yet born an interesting situation arose. A set of friends made plans to stay with us from Thursday until Saturday morning. Another family asked if they could come on Sunday and stay until Tuesday. Why not? We could wash the sheets and restock the toilet paper in between.

The first group got here as planned but then asked if they could stay until Sunday. Yes, of course. Saturday morning we got a call from the second group requesting to come a day early. The more the merrier.

Between the adults and children there were at least 18 people stuffed into this seemingly ordinary abode. It was loud, semi-chaotic but as fun as can be. Before falling asleep I recounted to MOMD where all children were sleeping in the event of a fire or other natural disaster.

This past week one of MOMD’s brother and his wife were with us for a few days. Having them here made for a great time. I was reminded of why I love it when family and/or friends come to stay.

When people visit you:

tend to go to the beach or do other touristy stuff you generally don’t make time for in real life.

get to hear stories about MOMD’s antics as a young child. Things he has forgotten to mention all these years.

play games in the evening only to discover that there are various rules of which you were previously unaware.

recognize it is a golden opportunity to see if your air mattress works. Fortunately, ours did. I imagine that if one wanted the guests to leave earlier than planned one could poke said air mattress with a pin right before bedtime. When the guests find themselves on the floor in the am and choose to make a hasty departure one could patch said air mattress as guest pull out of the driveway.

procrastinate about food preparation, only to discover your sweet sister in law will end up making more meals than you do.

will have an enjoyable visit if you choose not to stress about the fact that the house is not immaculate. It becomes very clear that people come to visit people, not critique a house as if it would be featured on HGTV.

realize how much you love those who take the time and make the effort to visit. The house seems a bit too quiet when they leave.

And you wonder who is going to prepare dinner…





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  1. Kate says:

    Your father would say” any more than three days and the company smells like old fish.” Of course we never did mind the smell of fish????

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