When You Do What You Do

Think about what you do for a minute. Whether as a career, a hobby or a volunteer you do things that are unique to you. Those things might be boring to you but other people (like myself) might find it fascinating. That is why, when I meet you, I may will ask you A LOT of questions.

New story

Your Story

I am interested in what you do, why you do it and how you do it because, chances are, it is something I don’t know anything about.  You may think it is simple because you have done it for so long and now it is nothing but routine for you.

I have met (or become reacquainted with) some captivating people the past few days. Hailing from 21 different states and 3 countries they all have stories to tell. Why they are here. At this place. Doing what they do when they aren’t doing this.

You’ll be hearing about some of them because if I find the stories interesting I’m thinking you will as well. The thing is, though, that most of them don’t like to talk about themselves all that much.  They aren’t going to volunteer much info because they don’t know how interesting the stories are to some of us.

Another possibility is that you may read something here that sounds vaguely familiar and think, “Is it me that she is writing about?” The answer? Most likely. Because, after all, I find you fascinating!

Thank you for reading!

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