Who Are These People?

photo credit: John Kratz via photopin cc

photo credit: John Kratz via photopin cc

The other day my sister and I were looking through some really old pictures that belonged to our parents.  We came across a lot of pictures of people that we didn’t recognize. There are no names or dates on them but I felt nostalgic after looking at the pictures.

We decided to throw them out which felt weird.  After all, our folks thought they were important enough to keep.  Many weren’t even pictures of family members but rather friends of our folks when they first married.

Even the pictures of family members two generations back couldn’t be identified because I am the oldest living person on my Dad’s side so who would I ask? Typically the photos were of two or three people staring back at me.  There were no buildings or other identifying objects to even tell us where they were taken.

It got me thinking about what made that moment or that group of people so important that someone grabbed a camera and took the picture.  Here’s the funny thing.  Even if the picture had a name, date and location written on the back what good would that be to me?  I still wouldn’t know the story behind the picture.  I believe that’s why many people scrapbook.

Do you have photos of people you can’t identify?  If so, why do you keep them?



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  1. Amy Turon says:

    What this makes me think is that it’s important that we live our life fully while we are alive – each and every day. When we are gone, too quickly even the memory of our being present on earth is soon forgotten. Seize the day!

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