Why Not Do What I Do?

MOMD is a a smart guy. He’s handsome and talented. Kind and compassionate. For many of you this is old news. You’ve heard about him a lot or you’ve known him a long time.

But I have to tell you, people, he has some flaws.  Things we’ve been working on for over 30 years. I’ve mentioned previously that I am cautiously optimistic about most things. But some things are almost beyond my optimistic side.

1.  He opens the fridge door and leaves it open for a long time. All that good cold air escaping into the atmosphere.

Can you imagine?

Why not do what I do?

I plan what I am going to remove (or put into) the fridge and do it all at once. No walking around the kitchen with the fridge door swung open.

2.  He drives differently than I do. I get frustrated with people who drive in the fast lane if they aren’t passing another car or getting ready to turn left.  MOMD? Why, he just moseys along in the left lane, not really caring that he is ticking people off behind him.

Why not do what I do?

One might call me a bit of a weaver (or a darter) if one was so inclined. I don’t drive recklessly, mind you, but I change lanes more frequently than MOMD.

Let’s face it.  Many wives are extraordinary helpers. I do not believe we are the only married couple on planet Earth who disagree about the best way to drive. I know this to be true because I was recently talking with one of my best friend’s husband and he explained that his bride STILL feels the need to tell him how to drive after all these years. He said it seems as if he really can’t figure out how she wants him to drive. I laughed when he told me this.

3.  Take time to recharge.  Don’t fill every moment.

Why not do what I do?

Go! Go! Go!

Be busy. The more the merrier.

Be around a lot of people. Frequently.

Why not?

Because MOMD feels like the green guy on the left if I plan too much stuff. He needs time to recharge. He works HARD. He is out in the sun and heat.

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 9.50.41 PM


And lest you think I am tattling on MOMD and the ongoing fridge debate, HE was the one who suggested it might be a good blog topic. We had a good laugh about it and then he asked quite the pointed question.

If you haven’t been able to change this about me in in over 30 years what makes you think you can now?

By the way, he writes a daily reflection and apparently our little discussion made it into today’s entry.

He has given me permission to share what he wrote about it.

I got out my salad to put on the final touches, salad dressing and peppers, like I always do. And Cindi says to me, “Why don’t you take everything out, shut the refrigerator door and put it back when you’re done?” He then goes on to say how it is so much more fun to taunt me in such a way, to hear my tone of voice and see my expressions. Apparently he even thinks about it when I’m not here!

Is there a point to this silliness?


My point is that sometimes I expect people to do things the way I do them or to think the way I think or to reach the same conclusions I reach.

Maybe, GASP, I need not offer an opinion (even when I’m correct).

Perhaps everyone is not the same.

Some people are charged when surrounded by a lot of people. Others need more solitude and down time.

We can learn from each other.

My way is not the only way.

Comments? Questions? Stories you would like to share?

Feel free to live a comment below.



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