In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon was first published in 1896. You may not have read the book but if you are older than 20 you have probably been exposed to a key premise of the book, best known by the initials of four words. WWJD. What would Jesus do? The author made a commitment to try and determine what Jesus would do with regards to moral or ethical choices by asking himself “What would Jesus do?” and then live accordingly. Almost a hundred years later and the book was still selling and people were attempting to live out what they read.

Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with the movement that took place in the latter part of the twentieth century.  I would like to use the concept as a reference point for a  post- operative idea that I have formulated in the last week or so.

The letters for this new marvel of medical invention that involves neither drugs, therapy, prosthetics or any costly equipment, you ask?


Any guesses?  By now I’m certain you have looked WWSS up on web md, watched a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and called all nurses that you know to garner more information on this miracle device. It is unlikely that you have found out anything about it yet because I just made it up in my mind recently.

Maybe an entrepreneur will create a prototype and MOMD and I will be gazillionaires. I have included this rough sketch. Please remember I am a writer, not an artist!



What Would Surgeon Say?

The product would be a lightweight portable full sized photo of a surgeon that had performed an operation on the patient. When the patient moves, so does PS (Paper Surgeon). Paper Surgeon is on wheels so as not to cause injury during transport.  Perhaps, as a friend offered, PS would include a little word bubble containing the word, “seriously?” In the unlikely event that the patient is about to do something that appears to cause harm PS will move a little closer, as a reminder that perhaps some re-thinking is in order.

The deluxe model will be retrofitted with a recording of the surgeon’s voice. Using modern technology such as motion detectors PS will notice if any extra activity is about to commence. Deluxe PS will then utter a few words (in a thundering voice) encouraging the patient to reconsider actions in which he or she is about to engage.

The mysterious “they” say that necessity is the mother of invention.

This invention is necessary, people!

PS would remind the caretaker that the patient is doing the best or she possibly can under the circumstances. As a patient recently reminded his caretaker, the Bible declares that “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger”.  Oh so true, PS!

I’m convinced it will help spouses, who hitherto, have rarely, if ever, stood in a room and spoken in an extremely loud voice (ok, yell). PS will be programmed to gently remind patient and caretaker that the goal of this process is recovery.

Worst case scenario?

Patient and caretaker can accessorize PS with tattoos, a fake mustache and other surprising creative touches. This will unite them in a common purpose restoring the sense of humor that is a hallmark of their relationship.

Thank you for reading!


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