Yet Another Mystery Solved

photo (37)_edited-3I was with a friend.  I do not know what prompted this conversation but she asked me if she had ever told me about the time she ran over a sign.  I said that she had not and that is when I knew I was in for a treat…one of her stories.

She said she was in a parking lot and got in her car to drive away.  There were no cars parked anywhere near her.  The parking lot was quite deserted.  She said she looked both ways anyway, checked behind her.  No vehicles.  Rather than pulling directly forward she cut her steering wheel sharply to the left.  It was at this point she heard one of the loudest noises of her life.  It was so loud, in fact, that people came out of the local restaurant to see what all the racket was about.  (We don’t have much excitement in our small town).  She hopped out of her car, looked around, didn’t see anything and was majorly perplexed.

At this point she bent down to see what was underneath the car and to her amazement she was perched upon a handicap parking sign.  Being so embarrassed she did exactly what I would have predicted she would have done.  She pulled forward and drove home.  No stopping till she got there. As she drove away she left a crowd of bystanders and a FOLDED IN HALF handicap parking sign.

The crowning glory of this story is that the next time she went into that parking lot all of the handicap signs were covered in cement, making it much more difficult to drive over the top of one.

I cannot begin to tell you how hard I laughed when she told me this story.  We came back to my house and I made her tell one of the hooligans who also laughed and laughed.

The next day I had to run an errand and ended up in that parking lot and, sure as shootin’, the handicap signs are surrounded in cement.  I did receive a few weird looks as I snapped the pictures but I’m used to that.

Fortunately this is NOT the parking lot where the driver’s license office is located.  I am not sure if someone can lose a driver’s license for bending a handicap sign in half but it is good not to tempt fate.

I didn’t ask her permission to share this story and so I had to grant myself permission to use it.

By the way, almost anything can be a blog post so, beware!  <insert evil grin or big smile-you decide>.


  1. Juli Brunk says:

    You come up with the most amazing and funny stories!! My husband and I continue to laugh about how MOMD does not honk his horn!!!

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