You’re Invited

A few takeaway points from this week’s sermon:

Make a positive impact on our world

Live a life of expectation

Both invite us to be active and our involvement is crucial.

We are called to live in the moment and to live intentionally.

Isn’t it easier sometimes to go from one thing to the next on our to do list?

photo credit: tehchix0r via photopin cc

photo credit: tehchix0r via photopin cc


How do you make a postitive impact on our world?

Maybe you take a few extra minutes to acknowledge the cashier at the grocery store or the server at the restaurant that you frequent.  I recently was having breakfast with my husband and one of his close friends at a place where the two of them usually go.  I noticed that the servers all said hi to my husband’s friend, by name.  I commented to my husband that his friend was like a rock star at this place.  My husband turned to me and said, “He is a rock star wherever he goes.”  And I realized it was true.

He cares about people.

He greets them by name as he is walking to his table.

He’s quiet-not showy or loud about this.

Guess why he can greet them by name.  Because he took the time to see them as people first. And then he asked them their names and engaged in a brief conversation with them.

We may be do things that seem small in our minds but can make a huge impact in someone else’s.

To live a life of expectation means I have a sense of optimism about the future.  That something good is going to happen.  Do I expect every single event in my life to make me happy?  Of course not.  Sad stuff happens but a lot of great things happen as well.

Surprises and sweetness where pehaps I am expecting business as usual and drabness.

I imagine I have two choices as my feet hit the ground each morning (which surely is a blessing all in and of itself). I can think about all the things that might go wrong or differently than I had hoped or I can face the day anticipating all the unexpectedly wonderful things that will be part of my day.

Would you care to comment and let me know how you are making a positive impact and living a life of expectation?  I’d love it if you did.  It will positively impact MY world.



  1. Amy Turon says:

    I am reminded of this important concept: There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who enter a room and say, “Here I am!” And those who enter a room and say, “There you are!”

    And another favorite of mine from Maya Angelou: Take responsibility for the energy that you bring into this space.

    • Cindi says:

      Well said, Amy! Thank you for reading and leaving such helpful thoughts! Could be because you’ve thought through and written about a lot of these things on your great blog. 🙂

  2. Claire says:

    Hi Cindi, It’s quite amazing how the smallest gesture can make such a huge Impact. A SMILE!!! Years ago, I had a Boss that would call me Sunshine, when I entered the door to work, due to the fact I was always smiling. Wonder where I got that from 🙂 I am still Smiling!! A Smile can be contagious, so pass it on.

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